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​File 984: Eri multiplies

A new film with Yoko Okino as the main star has hit the theaters yet Kogoro doesn’t like it.

The reason is because the guy acting as her boyfriend in the movie is a lame detective and his personality is that he’s always crying and begging Yoko to solve the cases in his stead.
He complains to Ran that if Eri saw this she’d surely tell him “he looks just like you” with her usual sarcasm: Ran checks her phone and sees that there’s a friend request from Eri in the LINE app: she finds it odd because she’s sure she’d already added her to her friend circle.
Still puzzled, she accepts the “add to group” request and finds out that several Eri imposters are showing there and there thus making things confusing.
In the meanwhile, the real Eri is attacked by a violent gang naming themselves “Kisaki Eri’s Victim Association” and is knocked out: they kidnap her and stuff her in a bag inside of a car’s trunk, to then carry her somwhere: but when they’re there Eri uses a tomato juice which she carried to spill the attackers and creates an opening to flee: but all exits in the building she’s at are locked.
She recalls about what Ran told her of a trick involving hiding a corpse behind some drawers so she find a spot to hide at. She wants to use the phone she stole from one of the attackers to call for help but she fears being discovered if she speaks at all.
She’s forgotten Ran’s email address but remembers her LINE ID so she tries to use and tries to establish contact with her: but the kidnappers where checking on the LINE app as well with Eri’s phone and try to confuse Ran about which is the real one.
Will Ran & Conan & Kogoro be able to save Eri? And if they don’t save her Kogoro will be sent videos about how the assaulters gangbang Eri?

: “Eri’s greatest pinch ever has arrived! Gather your wits and save her!”