The big collection : new Qs and edited ones!

Q1: Did Ai-chan drank the same medicine that Conan did?
A: The medicine Ai-chan drunk is the same? The same. The same, right? 🙂
Q2: Before official Conan April Movie, er-r… Momiji-chan. Momiji-chan in Sunday manga… Will she appear before the movie?

A: A~ Before the official release of the movie? I have a feeling she’ll appear at the same time when the movie will be presented to public… Sorry if I lied.
Q3: Who do you want to become from your characters?

A: My characters? E~ Hmm… Some time ago Conan-kun…. I wanted to be Conan-kun to enter the bath with Ran-chan. What about now, huh… Well, the same. I want to bathe with Ran-chan.
Q4: Ran said in the first movie that ‘Shinichi and I were born in May, so we are both Taurus’. Is this true in manga?

A: Aaa? Eh? Taurus? Was it like this? Hahaha. Eh… Ran-chan? Ran-chan’s birthday is not decided… Yet. Aa. Do you want me to make her Taurus? I’ll try to make my best of it.
Q5: Driving a conversation a little from Conan, Aoyama-sensei loves Giants’ Sakamoto-senshu(Sakamoto Hayato), and previously you stated that he will appear in Conan if he will make 30 home runs, he didn’t, but still has a great playing record, will he appear in Conan?

A: Haaa~ Yes-yes-yes. Well… I want him to appear. But that’s sad… It will depend on Sakamoto-senshu himself.
Q6: Err… Did the girl in the movie (Curacao) really died?

A: Eh? (Audience: Curacao!) Curacao..? Aa… Curacao… Yes-yes. She died. Perished.

Audience: I love her, maybe she did survive?

A: She didn’t.
Q7: What is your favorite car?

A: Porsche! Sorry… Same with Gin!!
Q8: Err… Kudo Shinichi-kun, in manga wears a lot of shirts, is this your taste for choosing Shinichi’ish clothes?

A: My taste. Hahaha. Sorry. Shirts suits him well ♪
Q9: Err… In Animal Forest you said ‘Rum had already appeared’, at that point of time, did they show their name of face?

A: Name.. Eh… U… Eh… Hm… In some kind, their name was not shown.

Audience: The face?

A: Hmm… I wonder 🙂 The face… Hm… Maybe appeared… Maybe not…
Q10: In Meitantei Conan universe there was FBI, Secret Police, Japan Police… Which organization would you like to join, if you lived in Conan world?

A: Eh… I don’t want both of them 🙂

Audience: If you were to have some activity with them – either investigation or just eating, then who?

A: Eh… If I was with Akai, I think I won’t be able to talk with him. Aa. Amuro-kun is kind of nice. I want to eat sandwiches with Amuro. Haha. Amuro then.
Q11: I don’t know if you’ll answer that, but how many years passed since Wakasa Rumi-sensei started teaching? She is a homeroom teacher, which means she has to have teaching experience for some years.

A: Aa… Wakasa Rumi-sensei? A… Yes-yes. Aa, Eh? Hm… I can’t answer that… Sorry. Maybe that can be an answer of some kind.
Q12: I love Nagano poilice so much, err… do you plan to draw a chapter about when Morofushi-keiji abandoned his post?

A: A… Yes-yes. Eh… Hm… I have some plans, but… What to do… I want to see it? Aa… I want to see it. Then I’ll do it. Sorry if I won’t be able to draw it.

Q13: I love Ran really much, and I really liked Ran and Shinichi’s sakura meeting story, but Yukiko, when looked at Ran’s face, told ‘could it be’, and ‘Eri-chan’s girl’, could it be that Shinichi and Ran met before?

A: A… Yes-yes. Shinichi and Ran didn’t meet before. That was their first meeting. Well, Yukiko could’ve seen her, but she didn’t meet her.

Audience: Maybe you’ll draw Yukiko and Ran’s meeting?

A: Aa… You want to see it? I see… I’ll try 🙂 Although I have no plans of drawing it for now 🙂

Q14: In the chapter where Amuro first appeared, DNA and blood were mentioned, does it have something to do with Amuro?

A: Blood, huh? Err… What, something like a chimera? No-no-no 🙂

Audience: Then blood relationship? Family?

A: A! No, I can’t tell that! 🙂
Q15: There were two movies with Kogoro being cool, will there be a chapter where Kogoro will be cool in manga?

A: I’m drawing it right now! Er, in next Sunday series. He’s soo cool!
Q16: I’m very interested in Gin, he’s smart, quick-witted and I think he’s one of the best 5 of te Organization, so can you at least tell us his number position in the Organization?

A: E… Quite high.

Audience: Top ten? Top 5?

A: A… Among the best 10.
Q17: I love Takagi-keiji the best, but his past is not really clear, what was the reason for him to join the police? Will you tell it?

A: I’ll think of it! Hahaha.
Q18: How movie titles are decided?

A: Aa… This year it was decided by staff. Previous one was decided by me. Somebody decided on ‘darkest’, I chose ‘nightmare’. So that’s like that. Suwa(Michihiko Suwa)-san thinks about it, I think about it, staff thinks about it.
Q19: In Visual Book there’s written that Shinichi-kun is America resident, was he born in America? Or Japan?

A: Eh? America? Is it written there? That’s probably a mistake. He was _probably_ born in Japan.
Q20: Among all girl characters in Meitantei Conan, I feel like there are a lot of strong-willed women, err… does Aoyama-sensei love this type? Or is this unintentional?

A: I love ‘tsundere’ type! My favourite. Of course I like cute ones too.
Q21: Kudo Shinichi, Akai Shuichi, Kuroba Toichi, all important characters has ‘ichi’ in their names. And Chiba-san’s first name was not his seiyu’s, the ‘one’ is changed to ‘wa’.

A: Aa, you noticed! Sorry. And if you want more details, I wanted Toichi to be voiced by Ikeda Shuichi, so he was named Toichi, who gave him the voice. Akai Shuichi goes without saying. Shinichi is a little different. He was named after Hoshi Shinichi-san.

Audience: What about Furuya-san’s Rei and Heiji’s ‘Ji’? Has it meanings of numbers?

A: It have nothing to do with numbers.
Q22: I love Miyano Shiho the best, at Episode ONE’s start scene in laboratory, when Sherry was talking with somebody on the phone while looking at the computer screen, is her opponent someone important?

A: What? A~ No. Sorry. I think it could be anyone. They won’t appear probably. Sorry.
Q23: About Miyano Shiho-chan, will she have a love development?

A: Eh! That’s a difficult question. Well… She loves a certain soccer player. Well.. Hm. Don’t you know that? Well, that’s all about it. Hahaha.
Q24: That’s not a question about Conan, but when there was an earthquake in Tottori, how did you knew about it and what did you feel?

A: A… Well, I was sleeping. Honestly, I was going to sleep 3 hours, and when I woke up after half an hour of sleeping, I thought ‘it’s shaking! and switched on TV. When I saw Hokuei written there, I was suprised. Yep. Like that. A was a little surprised.
Q25: Will Okita-kun appear in the movie?

A: He won’t appear in movie. But probably will appear in manga. He’s in the same high school. He won’t appear (in movie)! Want to see him?

Audience: Yes!

A: Ok. I’ll do it!
Q26: Karakurenai Love Letter has Huakunin Isshu theme, which is your favorite poem?

A: That’s ‘Chihayaburu’! You don’t know? Please study more.
Q27: When will Takagi-san and Satou-keiji marry?

A: A… What a straight question. Hmmm… I don’t know when, but I want them to marry. Hm. It’s still undecided.
Q28: In ep. ONE which scenes were made by you?

A: Aa… Of course Korn! Yeah… And everything apart from Shinichi and Ran visiting Sonoko’s home at the beginning was made by me. Last scenes with Akai, Vermouth was of course mine. Yukiko and Yusaku also. I directed all of those scenes. And Vodka’s ‘We want to build a lab’ was mine.
Q29: All girls in Conan, for example Ran-chan, look really cute, tell us please, what references and brands do you use for them?

A: Eh~ Aa… Well, right now all women clothes are chosen by women. So it depends on her taste. Before, when I chose it myself, it was JJ, anan, Non-no and CanCam. That’s all. Sorry.
Q30: Err… I really love Akai-san and was suprised that he dated Jodie=sensei. Please tell us about how Jodie and Akai’s romance started! When they started dating? Who confessed first? Tell us!

A: Ehh? I can’t tell that 🙂 Please wait, it could appear in manga!

Audience: Please!

A: I’ll do my best.
Q31: I lived in Tottori for a long time but I became fan only with ‘The Darkest Nightmare’, sorry. That’s not a question, more like a wish. Please add Kazami Yuuya to the manga. Please.

A: Eh? Who? Kazami? You like Kazami?

Audience: That’s not about liking, that’s about Amuro having no friends…

A: Aa… That’s good 🙂

Audience: Hey, he’s lonely.

A: Well… Kazami, huh. You want him to appear. Yes-yes-yes. Maybe you’ll see Kazami again.
Q32: Kaito Kid err… Does he know that Conan=Shinichi?

A: A! That, when did it happen? I want to ask myself… Well, if I’ll have a chance, I’ll think of it.
Q33: What car you ride to come here today?

A: Aaa, Same as Sato-keiji, RX7. In manga it’s black. Police cars are not that flashy. Anime… well… Lied. A, Amuro also has the same. His car is white.
Q34: Looks like there’s a fuss about where Heiji will confess to Kazuha-chan in recent Sunday issue. Where do you think he will do it?

A: You ask about that? You can’t:) Hm… Kinda… Well, wait for it 🙂
Q35: What is the most impressive scene in ‘Karakurenai no Love Letter’?

A: That’s hm… A scene with Kazuha. I can tell only that. I drew a teaser while having an apparent scene in mind. Hm? You got what it is? You don’t get it? It’s fine! 🙂 Damn, me. I told too much.
Q36: Happy New Year. Err… Quite a time ago you told that you want to reach 100 volumes, now you’re closing to it, what are you going to do?

A: I think it will exceed 100 volumes. Please act like I didn’t say anything about 100 volumes 🙂

Audience: How much do you want to reach?

A: I don’t have a goal. Mm… I didn’t even think about it.
Q37: Happy New Year, Aoyama-sensei. Err… I became a fan from the Darkest Nighmare, so I like Akai-san and Amuro-san. Err… If it’s possible, please tell us birthdays of Akai-san and Amuro=sam… Err… Akai-san and Furuya Rei-san.

A: Aa… I don’t know.

Audience: Then at least tell us Akai’s age

A: I didn’t tell?

Audience: He first appeared as a passenger and he didn’t had age shown.

Aoyama: Aa… Age, huh. How old is Amuro?

Audience: Amuro is 29, but we don’t know about Furuya Rei-san.

A: Well, Amuro is 29, Iori is 30, right? Then it’s like that. 31-32.
Q38: To what extent Rye and Bourbon had really that bad relationship?

A: Eeh? They had bad relationship, right?

Audience: Like could they not stand each other faces or even eat at the same table?

A: Well, yeah, it was like that. They really disliked each other. I guess you understand there was a reason for that, right?
Q39: Err, I think about manga and movies as different things, but they have content created by you, right? Err… According to movies, Ran-chan knows Conan-kun’s birthday, but she doesn’t (in manga), so how movies influence manga? Is your setting the same as movie one?

A: Ah, is it influencing? Aa… Hmm… Right, I want to say it’s the same, but it has some subtle differences. Well. I suppose it has differences. Like, birthdays. Well. I can’t answer right away, sorry. Well. Movies are movies. Manga is manga.
Q40: About Haneda Koji… In manga’s APTX list he is Haneda, but in anime is is ‘Hada’.

A: A… That is a mistake. I didn’t say that to anime staff. Koji is taken from Tanigawa Koji.
Q41: Episode ONE’s scene with Ran-chan cooking for Shinichi was impressive. How good are male characters at cooking?

A: Amuro is good at it. Akai was taught by Yukiko-san and got better. But he can only make stews… I think Amuro is better.
Q42: Yusaku’s ‘Night Baron’ is a a reference to Red Baron, that was a reference for Akai-san and Char (Aznable)?

A: Eh? Red Baron?

Audience: He’s famous in America…

A: No. Wrong. Golden Mask. Edogawa Ranpo’s.

Q43: I got interested in Conan from the previous year’s movie. There are a lot of people who really like Akai-san and Amuro-san, so people talk about it a lot. Akai was dating Miyano Akemi, who was at the same organization. What about Amuro?

A: I made a hint before. Eh? You didn’t hear that? Amuro dated somebody.

Audience: Was it a love inside the Organization? If he has a woman now, please tell is.

A: A. Right now he doesn’t have a woman he loves.

Audience: Now?

A: Yep. Hahaha. You’re all great. He doesn’t! For now.

Audience: Will you draw a chapter about it?

A: Hm, maybe. His first love. You all know that person.

Q44: Happy New Year. I’m a fan of Haibara Ai-chan, but there was too little Ai-chan in Episode ONE. Do you want to make episode TWO about how Haibara-san became smaller?

A: Aa. You want to see a getting smaller story again, huh. Right now – no. But it had great reviews, so maybe we’ll make something like that.
Q45: Happy New Year. Err, in Amuro-san as Furuya Rei’s past there was a glimpse of Elena-sensei, do you want to draw something about it?

A: A… Right. I have to! Hm… That’s kind of difficult setting.

Audience: Wil you draw it in a RUM arc?

Aoyama: No comment! 🙂 I told too much. Sorry, I can’t answer that.

Source : Yunnie Chan on Tumblr

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