• Gosho’s #ACNL Update (1/1) 

Here is the new updates… Aoyama sensei is so excited about Let’s Talk Day!

♤: 《Happy New Year ~🎵 (^0^)/》

♡: 《Let’s enjoy the New Year together ~v(,,^-^,,)》

◇: 《Those who are coming to Let’s Talk Day should bring their DS =>》

♧: 《=>and meet each other (^-^》

  • Gosho’s room update

When Aoyama-sensei said “Time to clean”… Is that what he meant?

Is he preparing a marriage? (the girl with weeding dress)

Or, is this a hint for the next file? Anyway… this is weird!

In the game, there is also a picture of Shukichi and Scotch… Another hint?

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